Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine Medical Spa Kwiatowa

Don't give up on rest

Cosmetic treatments during vacation provide an excellent way to combine relaxation with enhancing appearance. Modern aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of procedures that can be undergone during holidays or leisure time. From botox injections, through laser treatments, to mesotherapy and chemical peels - there are many options available. This allows for refreshing the skin, smoothing wrinkles, or getting rid of unwanted pigmentation, all while enjoying well-deserved relaxation. It's an ideal solution for those who want to take care of their body and skin without sacrificing moments of relaxation and unwinding.

Our treatments

Aesthetic medicine Medical Spa Kwiatowa

Botulinum toxin
800-1100 PLN
Wypełnienie ust
900-1000 PLN
Profhilo 1 treatment
1000 PLN
(two treatments recommended one month apart)
Dermapen with ampoule - face and neck
800 PLN
Dermapen with plasma
1200 PLN
(zalecane trzy zabiegi w odstępie 6-8 tyg)
Dermapen plus PRX
1000 PLN
(three treatments recommended at 3-6 week intervals)
Dermapen with plasma for hair
1000 PLN
Profhilo body
800-2000 PLN
(depending on the amount of material used and the body area)
600-1200 PLN
(depending on the material used)
Freezing warts
100-500 PLN
Medical Peels
400-600 PLN
Cosmelan dermamelan
1000 PLN
Nasolabial folds, marionette folds
800-1200 PLN
Plasma complex premium treatment without dermapen4
1000 PLN
100 PLN
(free with treatment)
Find peace and harmony in the comfortable rooms of Medical SPA Kwiatowa in Łęczyca, where relaxation and natural beauty combine with professional health care, offering a unique experience of rejuvenation for your body and mind.
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